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Report: NYSE-Linked Crypto Platform Bakkt Weighs Potential Sale

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Bakkt Considers Strategic Options Amidst Market Challenges

Bakkt, the cryptocurrency platform launched by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is exploring its strategic future, according to a Bloomberg report. Sources close to the company revealed that Bakkt is evaluating a potential sale, a breakup into smaller entities, or even maintaining its current structure.

This news comes amidst a flurry of activity in the crypto space, including acquisitions like Robinhood’s purchase of the Bitstamp exchange and unsolicited takeover offers like Coreweave’s bid for Bitcoin miner Core Scientific. However, Bakkt itself has been grappling with difficulties.

Financial Struggles and Price Decline

Bakkt’s share price has plummeted significantly, falling from a high of $59.57 at the start of 2024 to around $19 at the time of writing. Financial difficulties further compounded these concerns. In February 2024, the company publicly disclosed a cash shortage that threatened its ability to maintain operations. To address this issue, Bakkt secured regulatory approval for a $150 million securities sale to raise capital.

While Bakkt’s CEO, Andy Main, declared the company’s financial health to be secure after this fundraising, pointing to a strong 2023 revenue of $780 million, the stock’s continued decline suggests a deeper issue. Since its 2021 public listing, Bakkt has experienced eight consecutive quarters of losses.

Seeking a Turnaround

Despite the challenges, Bakkt remains optimistic. Main has projected potential 2024 revenues in the billions of dollars, citing a strengthened balance sheet and new operational initiatives. These figures, if achieved, could lead Bakkt to break even this year.

Uncertain Future for Bakkt

While the exact path Bakkt will take remains unclear, the company’s consideration of a sale or restructuring highlights the ongoing struggles faced by some players in the cryptocurrency industry. Whether Bakkt can secure a buyer, successfully restructure, or even find success as a standalone entity remains to be seen.pen_spark

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