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Pop Star Iggy Azalea Vows to Burn Coins to Combat Crypto Scams

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Iggy Azalea Takes a Stand Against Crypto Scams with Bold Move: Burning Her Own Coins

Popular singer Iggy Azalea, a recent entrant into the cryptocurrency world, has announced a unique plan to fight crypto scams. She intends to burn her own cryptocurrency holdings whenever a celebrity-backed coin is identified as a “rug pull” – a scam where developers abandon a project after raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO).

Building Trust Through Transparency

Azalea’s strategy aims to build trust and establish herself as a positive force in the cryptocurrency community. She acknowledges the skepticism surrounding celebrity involvement in crypto and hopes to set herself apart by taking a proactive stance against scams. “I just think it’d be fire [awesome] to want to be something positive,” she stated in an online interview.

Burning Memecoins to Fight “Rug Pulls”

Azalea elaborated on her plan, explaining, “Every time they start rugging, I’m just going to burn some of mine [coins].” This action essentially removes a portion of her cryptocurrency holdings from circulation, potentially reducing their overall value. By targeting celebrity-backed scams, she aims to discourage such fraudulent practices within the crypto space.

Motivation and Inspiration

Azalea also discussed her initial foray into cryptocurrency, revealing that her interest stemmed from her partner’s enthusiasm for the technology. “Honestly, nobody really onboarded me,” she said. “Matt just likes crypto and honestly, [he] just doesn’t shut up about any type of technology or new thing.”

She further revealed her preference for memecoins over NFTs, citing their association with online humor and internet culture. “NFTs didn’t feel like something that I could fit within, but memecoin involves so much more shitposting and memeing and stuff that I really like, like that kind of culture of the internet,” she explained.

Maintaining Coin Integrity

Azalea is also taking steps to ensure the legitimacy of her own memecoin, dubbed “Mother Iggy” (MOTHER). One of her goals is to implement a “market maker” system by the following day, which helps stabilize the coin’s price and trading activity.

Insider Trading Allegations

Despite these efforts, a recent report by Bubblemaps, a crypto analytics platform, cast a shadow of doubt on Mother Iggy’s launch. They claimed that insiders purchased a significant portion (20%) of the coin’s supply before Azalea publicly announced the project, potentially manipulating the market for personal gain. The report alleged that these holdings were then sold for $2 million before the official announcement.

MEV Bots: A Different Explanation?

However, another user in the crypto community, Dominium, challenged the idea of insider trading. Dominium argued that the suspicious transactions highlighted by Bubblemaps might be the work of MEV (Miner Extractable Value) bots. These bots are automated programs that exploit fleeting opportunities in cryptocurrency transactions for profit. Unlike traditional insider trading, MEV bots don’t require access to non-public information; they analyze publicly available transaction data.

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