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Google Joins Forces With Magic Leap for Metaverse Hardware

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Google and Magic Leap Team Up for Metaverse Tech.

Tech giants Google and Magic Leap surprised many this week by announcing a new collaboration focused on extended reality (XR) technologies. This partnership brings together two companies with contrasting reputations in the AR/XR space.

While Google recently downsized its AR/XR teams, Magic Leap is known for its high-profile but ultimately unsuccessful AR headset. Despite these past stumbles, the collaboration could be a positive sign for the future of the metaverse.

According to a statement from Magic Leap’s CTO, Julie Larson-Green, the partnership aims to leverage Magic Leap’s expertise in optics with Google’s powerful infrastructure. This combination could lead to significant advancements in creating immersive experiences for developers and consumers alike.

The announcement doesn’t reveal any specific products or services in the pipeline. However, it suggests the potential development of a new AR/XR headset, which could add much-needed competition to the market currently dominated by Meta and Apple.

Uncertain Benefits for Google

Industry experts like Sean Hollister of The Verge raise questions about Google’s motivations. Google has a proven track record in creating successful hardware, from smartphones to smart speakers. However, its forays into AR/XR with Google Glass haven’t been as fruitful.

Hollister suggests that Google might be interested in specific patents or technologies owned by Magic Leap. Alternatively, Google could be aiming to avoid falling behind its competitors by leveraging Magic Leap’s existing infrastructure, rather than starting a new AR/XR division from scratch after recent layoffs.

Only time will tell how fruitful this partnership will be. However, the collaboration between Google and Magic Leap signifies a renewed push for innovation in the metaverse space.

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